Cut Your Own Hair


Cut Your Own Hair - The Most Popular DIY Hairstyles for Men and Women

Being able to cut your own hair is a task that is now easily attainable the popular trends and hairstyles, you may think getting these styles will cost a fortune, but they don't have to. If you learn how to cut your own hair you can achieve these hairstyles in the comfort of your own home. buying home hair cutting courses will give you a great advantage in learning to trim hair, but to start out you need to start simple. Here are some trendy hairstyles for men and women.

For Men

Fortunately for men, gone are the days when long sideburns, long hair and long mops were the trends, which often avoided the necessity to cut your own hair. Or let it be cut by other people, for that matter, especially the hippy days of the 60s.

* Side Part - Being the most popular hairstyle in the corporate world, this style is one of the most basic to care for. It works on all types of facial shapes and men of any age from all walks of life. Being able to cut hair with this appearance would be a great place to start learning.

* Long Part - Usually identified in the younger males, the long part is more or less the same as the side part with longer hair. Learning to cut your own hair with this appearance could be a little but is obtainable for any beginner.

The looks that are well known nowadays are short hairstyles that are simple to care for and look good for any occasion. The following looks will be perfect to learn how to cut your own hair.

For Women

For women, the process involved to cut your own hair at home may be more complicated since length and volume is very important to achieve just the right look. Still, with the right skills and tools, it is possible.

* The Seductive Look - Otherwise known as the "Rachel" familiarized by Jennifer Aniston's character in "Friends" is easy to achieve and looks great on every woman. It is not very complicated so it would be a smart place for anyone learning how to cut hair to start.

* Bob - This style has many different alterations. It is a shorter haircut that you can have trimmed evenly on all sides or have one side longer. For pictures of this, look at Kate's hairstyle from Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Victoria Beckham.

When attempting to cut your own hair, and hair of friends and family, you always need to be observing what's trendy in the media and how professional's are achieving these looks. Although, there are home hairdressing courses you can purchase which will make this whole process a lot easier.

* Buzz Cut - Seemingly the simplest haircut to learn how to trim of the three. This hairstyle requires endless care but is perfect for people who want post shower ready hair.

men's haircuts are usually very constant contrary to women's hairstyles which are constantly changing.